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NetworkIT offers floor-to-cloud networking solutions for home and business. Using proven processes and procedures and 30-plus years of experience, NetworkIT can provide the best of everything for today’s connected world, including fully networked cabling, , VOIP   and more. We have your back with the personal attention that inspires confidence and peace of mind. For a quick repair or to discuss your cabling needs, NetworkIT is ready to help. 




Be well connected

Networks are how people and technology communicate in a connected world. The Internet is a huge part of networking—a vast common infrastructure. But a network may also call for cabling, phone systems and video conferencing. How does it all come together? NetworkIT has smart solutions. 


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A host of services and resources

We can help you obtain cloud solutions for your entire IT network, including infrastructure, software and platforms. Count on NetworkIT to advise on industry standard providers that can deliver exactly what you need. When it comes to hosting, you’ll feel right at home.


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IT Evolved

Properly managed, IT is a wonderful thing. But IT can also create barriers to operations and cost management. As a result, many organizations are moving to MSP. As your MSP partner, NetworkIT can work remotely on a contract basis to take care of IT. We keep you up to date with evolving technology, using cloud based solutions to manage and monitor your systems. NetworkIT can cover your infrastructure, applications, firewall security, web services, storage, communications, customer service, technical support and other needs. Ask us about a customized solution for All Things IT™.



Connecting with the future

“Structured cabling” grows with you to accommodate changes, additions and potential relocations. This flexible approach to cabling is essential for today’s computer networks and home automation. NetworkIT first learns about intended uses and priorities. Then we suggest options for each component, including cables, circuitry, connectors, routers, switches, racks, firewalls and backup solutions. Some clients want top of the line everything. Others look for reliable alternatives. We share advantages and costs of each component and work with you to find the best solutions. And unlike some other companies that outsource, our in-house team will do the design and cabling.

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Control without limits

Feeling secure is a top priority for customers seeking home automation. NetworkIT provides a networked system of cameras and digital video recorders, alarms and sensors for whole-house control. When you travel, it’s like you never left home. You can open and close blinds, adjust every light in the home, and control speakers, heaters, air conditioners and other appliances—all from a distance. Today’s systems can even lower prices, as automation has become more affordable. What about extreme luxury? Examine your refrigerator while you shop at the market. Manage new conveniences and luxuries throughout your home. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

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Keeping an eye on everything

Are you concerned about your assets? What about your people? Cars enter and leave parking lots; people come and go from the workplace. How do you keep an eye on things? Today, an IP network can handle surveillance and security, making things easy to monitor and manage. NetworkIT can setup both IP and analog surveillance systems and NVRs, and put everything under a watchful eye. Ask NetworkIT about smart solutions for your assets and your people. We are looking out for you.

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The future is talking

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) uses the Internet instead of phone lines for voice communications. Compared to a traditional wired telephone system, the setup up and monthly costs offer savings and flexibility. You can scale up and down by simply adding and removing phones. Whether your needs are IP, analog or digital, we’ve got you covered. NetworkIT can help you compare the options, including VOIP, in-house PBX, and hosted PBX.



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